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6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Plumbing

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Plumbing

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Your Houston commercial plumber can help you replace your plumbing system.

If you find yourself calling your Houston commercial plumber frequently for repairs, this is often a good indication that you should replace your building’s plumbing. However, there are some other signs that could indicate that it’s time to update your commercial plumbing system. In commercial buildings especially, plumbing experiences a lot of physical stress due to heavy use. Therefore, commercial systems often require more maintenance than your residential plumbing systems. To help extend the lifetime of your commercial plumbing system, keep up on preventative maintenance with your Houston commercial plumber and look out for the following signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

Stains Can Be a Sign You Need Plumbing Replacement

Water stains can be a sign that your commercial plumbing system needs repair or replacement. Stains on walls or underneath plumbing often signal leaks that require Houston commercial plumbing repair. If you notice many stains in your building, you may want to talk to your plumber about an upgrade. This proactive approach to your plumbing system can prevent major problems later on.

Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber About Leaks

In the same vein, visible leaks are a problem you should discuss with your plumber. If you notice leaks, you may just need to tighten a gasket. However,  for more extensive repairs, you will likely need to have your Houston commercial plumber replace your pipe or fixture to prevent leaking. Leaky plumbing can cause water damage, increase your utility bills, and cause issues for your other plumbing systems.

Discolored Water Likely Means Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

Water that is murky or discolored is a cause for concern and requires immediate Houston commercial plumbing repair. This can be a symptom of pipe corrosion, pipe decay, rust buildup, or even mold or algae growth inside your system. Therefore, if you discover this problem in your building, you may need a replacement commercial plumbing system.

Clogged or Slow Drains Can Be a Symptom of a Larger Problem

Sometimes, you will encounter a drain blockage in your commercial plumbing system. Oftentimes, this is easily repaired by your commercial plumber in Houston. However, if your drains clog frequently or drain slowly, this could signal poor pipe venting or even punctures in your plumbing from plant or tree roots. Therefore, if you have slow-moving drains, you may want to schedule an inspection with your plumber and ask for their recommendation.

Low Water Pressure May Need Commercial Plumbing Replacement

Low water pressure can signal a few different things. If you notice low pressure in your building, it’s important to check your water heater, as this usually signals a water heater malfunction. Additionally, leaky or clogged pipes as well as extensive leaks throughout your system can cause low water pressure. Therefore, you should call your Houston commercial plumber to assess the damage and help you determine if you need a water heater repair or replacement, or whether it’s time to install a new plumbing system.

Consider your Plumbing’s Age

Finally, when deciding whether it’s time for a commercial plumbing upgrade, you should consider your building’s age. Outdated plumbing materials can be more likely to corrode and wear over time. Additionally, if your plumbing is old, it may have reached it’s expected lifetime and will therefore need replacement to prevent frequent Houston commercial plumbing repair and other larger issues like extensive water damage.

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