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The Basics of Sewer Systems for Houston Multi-Family Properties

The Basics of Sewer Systems for Houston Multi-Family Properties

The plumbing systems installed in apartment complexes and condominium developments differ significantly from those used in single-family residences and require specialized care to continue to work properly. Entrusting these essential systems to a reliable Houston commercial plumber can provide you with added peace of mind when dealing with routine maintenance or emergency repair issues. Here are some of the basics you should know about commercial plumbing systems.

Added Complexity

Multi-family sanitary drainage systems must deal with waste produced throughout these large buildings. To manage this, these plumbing systems typically include large vertical stacks that carry solid and liquid waste to the ground level.

  • Waste stacks carry relatively clean water from sinks and showers.
  • Soil stacks are designed to carry solid and liquid waste from toilets and can also be used to dispose of waste from clean-water sources.
  • Vent stacks allow for the escape of gases up to the top of the building where they can diffuse naturally and safely.

Additionally, branch lines lead horizontally from the toilets, tubs and sinks in apartments or condominiums into these vertical stacks where gravity provides the power that moves waste products downwards to the sewer mains. Maintenance of these drainage systems and the water supply pipes that serve your tenants can be a daunting task for those not familiar with the complexities of commercial plumbing systems.

Managing Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

Because the systems used to remove waste water and other waste materials from condominiums, apartments and other multi-story buildings are so complex, finding a leak or identifying a blockage can be a real challenge for novices and do-it-yourself landlords. Working with a professional Houston commercial plumbing company can provide you with the proven expertise and know-how needed to keep water supply and drainage systems in good repair. These experts can typically perform sewer line repairs, replacement of broken or damaged waste and soil stacks and clearing of branch lines to resolve issues quickly and effectively. If your pipes are not up to code or are beginning to fail due to advanced age, a Houston commercial plumber can provide you with the best guidance and support during the replacement process.

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