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Call Houston Commercial Plumber for Gas Line Blockage

Call Houston Commercial Plumber for Gas Line Blockage

gas piping needs service from Houston commercial plumber
Your Houston commercial plumber can address issues with gas lines on your property.

Natural gas lines are an important part of your property. However, any issues with gas lines can be dangerous. Natural gas can lead to fires, explosions, and asphyxiation. Therefore, any time you have an issue with the gas lines on your property, you need to call a licensed Houston commercial plumber for help. One common issue you may experience with the gas lines on your property is a gas line clog. 

Signs to Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber for a Gas Line Blockage

You may have run into a water line blockage at some point running a commercial or multi-family property. What many people don’t realize is that gas lines can become blocked as well. Some things that may cause a gas line blockage include:

  • Dirt
  • Insects
  • Debris
  • Tree roots
  • Water

Also, a dented or kinked area of the gas line can cause a blockage. These are typically only partial blockages, but can cause many of the same signs and dangers as a debris-related clog. Typically, dents or kinks in the gas line are due to things like digging without mapping out the utilities on the property.

There may be many signs of a gas line clog. Typically, either the natural gas won’t work when you turn on a gas appliance (like the building’s boiler), or the natural gas seems quite low even when you operate appliances on normal or high settings. These are both signs to call your Houston commercial plumbing company ASAP. 

Gas line blockages can cause major issues for your property and everyone on it. Obviously there’s the annoyance of malfunctioning natural gas appliances. However, there’s also the risk for gas leaks as pressure builds up in the pipes. 

Your Plumber Will Inspect the Natural Gas Pipes for Damage After a Clog

If you have a clogged gas line on your property, your Houston commercial plumber will need to clean out the clog. The first step is to make sure this is the true source of the problem. For instance, our plumbers may check the valves, meter, and the appliance for malfunctions. If there is a clog, the plumber will turn off the gas and safely clean out the blockage. 

However, the job isn’t done once they remove the clog. Oftentimes, clogs are actually due to damage in the pipes. For instance, a loose connection or a crack in the line that allows the debris that caused the blockage inside. Therefore, it’s essential for your plumber to fully inspect the affected lines and replace them as needed for damage. 

Regular gas line inspections can help you avoid some of these issues and may help prevent a blockage in future. That way, your Houston commercial plumber can identify damaged areas and replace them before they allow debris to infiltrate the line and cause a clog. 

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