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Drinking Fountain Upgrades

Drinking Fountain Upgrades

Drinking fountain installed by our commercial plumbing company
Talk to your commercial plumbing company about drinking fountain upgrades.

If you have old, worn out drinking fountains in your building, it may be time to call your Houston commercial plumbing company for an upgrade. These fixtures are a key part of your building, so you want to make sure they’re in top shape. Retrofitting or installing new drinking fountains can make a huge improvement and may better the experience of everyone in your facility. Keep reading to learn more about how our plumbers can help you upgrade your building’s drinking fountains. 

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Talk to Your Commercial Plumbing Company About Upgrading Drinking Fountains in Houston

Drinking fountains are a type of plumbing fixture found in many commercial buildings. You’ll find them in schools, public buildings, universities, and even office buildings. Some plumbing and building codes even require certain standards for drinking fountains. For instance, you may need both a high and a low drinking fountain to accommodate a wide range of people. Even if you’re not required to have drinking fountains in your facility, they are a nice addition. They’re also an easy way to meet requirements to supply drinking water to your employees. 

Since drinking fountains are a type of plumbing fixture, you generally need the help of a Houston commercial plumber for things like installation, maintenance, and replacement. These fixtures connect to plumbing pipes and may even have their own power source to chill water before dispensing it.

Common Upgrades We’re Seeing Right Now

If you’re considering upgrading your drinking fountains, there are a few popular things our commercial plumbing company in Houston has noticed. The big one is including spaces for bottle filling. With people today being not only more health conscious, but more environmentally conscious, many travel with a reusable water bottle and fill up as needed. Providing a quick, easy, and mess-free way to do so shows that you understand their needs. Bottle filling stations are generally right there on the drinking fountain and offer taller fixtures so you can fill the bottle without tipping it. They may also dispense water quicker than the fountain component. 

Additionally, newer fountains tend to be more efficient. This is especially important for fountains that also offer refrigeration for the water. Chilling water requires energy. Working toward reducing energy consumption is not only great for the environment, but also for the wallet when it comes to utility costs for your commercial property. So, this is another big trend we’re seeing with commercial drinking fountains. 

Why It Might Be Time to Have Your Houston Commercial Plumber Instal New Drinking Fountains

Now, it is sometimes possible to retrofit drinking fountains. For instance, many properties are able to retrofit to add higher faucets for bottle filling. However, if the units are quite old, then you may want to consider replacing them with new fountains. There are a few reasons for this. One is that older units are often more prone to breakdowns, and parts may not be available for commercial plumbing repair. Also, newer fountains tend to be much more efficient than older ones, containing new technology and even motion sensing bottle fillers for extra convenience. 

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