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Houston Commercial Plumber: Apartment Backflow Testing

Houston Commercial Plumber: Apartment Backflow Testing

Houston Commercial Plumber - AAA Plumbers
Your Houston commercial plumber installs, repairs, and tests backflow preventers.

Is it time to have your Houston commercial plumber test your backflow preventer? Learn when and why you need backflow testing for your apartment building.

Backflow is what happens when water in your plumbing flows the opposite way as it’s intended. It can happen anywhere clean and waste water lines connect. Usually, backflow happens when there’s a change in pressure, such as a water main break.

Testing generally takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete and is important to help keep your tenants healthy and also stay on the right side of the law. 

What is Backflow Testing from Your Houston Commercial Plumber?

Backflow testing is a test that makes sure your backflow preventer is working properly. Backflow preventers are devices installed at cross-connections between clean water lines and dirty water lines. Your Houston commercial plumber tests these devices to make sure they work properly to prevent backflow. 

In most cases, your apartment building’s backflow preventers need testing as a preventative measure. Like any other mechanical device, they can fail or break. Testing helps detect these issues before backflow happens. 

Also, if you notice signs of backflow, then we may recommend a backflow test to determine if it’s present. Then, your Houston commercial plumber will determine the cause and take appropriate steps to fix the issue. 

Some signs of backflow include:

  • Discolored water
  • Bad tasting water
  • Water pressure changes
  • Illness outbreaks

Types of Backflow Preventers

There are many different types of backflow preventers, but the three most common are reduced pressure zone preventers, pressure vacuum breakers, and double check valves. 

Reduced pressure zones have a chamber that maintains a lower pressure than the water lines to keep each line separated. 

Pressure vacuum breakers are similar to reduced pressure zones, but they use a drop in pressure to suck dirty water back into the system before it can reach the clean water line. Your Houston commercial plumber sees a lot of these because they’re some of the most inexpensive devices commercial buildings can use. 

Double check valves use a series of valves to keep clean and dirty water separate to prevent backflow. 

When you need backflow preventer testing, your plumber looks for signs of wear or leakage and then tests the device according to the type of preventer you have. 

Why Get Backflow Testing for your Apartment Buildings?

First and foremost, in most cases it’s the law to get regular backflow preventer testing. In most places, building code states you’ll need an annual inspection and test from a certified tester, such as your Houston commercial plumber. Not complying with these regulations can mean a heavy fine or even having your water supply shut off by the municipal water company. 

Also, it’s important for keeping your residents healthy. Backflow can be dangerous and cause a whole host of health problems.

In some cases you’ll need to have the preventer tested after Houston commercial plumbing repair services. This is to help ensure that everything is working properly. Your plumber can help you determine when and why you should schedule backflow testing. 

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