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Houston Commercial Plumber & Business Insurance Claims

Houston Commercial Plumber & Business Insurance Claims

Houston commercial plumber working on P-trap after plumbing emergency
If you need a Houston commercial plumber for a plumbing emergency, consider whether you can submit an insurance claim for the repairs.

Plumbing leaks can cause major damage that devastates your business until you can get repairs. You’ll need a Houston commercial plumber to find and fix the leak as well as potentially other contractors to repair damage to your building’s structure. If you discover a leak in your building, you likely have several questions, like who to contact, what to do, and whether your commercial insurance will cover the costs of repairs for your plumbing system and the damage from the leak. We’ll explore these questions in this article.

Should I Contact a Houston Commercial Plumber or My Commercial Insurance Agent First for Plumbing Leaks?

When you discover a leak at your property, it’s critical to take certain steps. One of the first things to do is check for safety hazards and, if you can safely do so, stop the flow of water from the leak. This often requires turning off the water main for the whole building, though you may be able to turn off the shut off valve that’s local to the leaking appliance, fixture, or pipe. 

Next, you should contact your Houston commercial plumber for help. Calling your plumber helps them arrive ASAP to stop further damage. They can often quickly repair the leak to prevent worse issues for your plumbing system and commercial building. They can also give you an idea of what kind of Houston commercial plumbing repair you need and give you a quote for the damage, which is helpful when talking to your insurance agent. 

The next step is to call your insurance agent. They can help you determine whether you can file a commercial insurance claim for the plumbing leak and associated damage. They can also give you information on next steps for your claim, like having an adjuster visit your site or taking pictures of the damage. 

From there, you can usually start cleaning up and taking steps to mitigate the damage and repair any issues with your building.

Your Insurance May or May Not Cover the Costs for Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

As we mentioned, it helps to contact your insurance agent after your Houston commercial plumber to see whether you can file a claim and how to do so. However, keep in mind that business insurance policies vary. Some may cover the damage from a plumbing issue and some might not. 

In some cases, they might not cover the event at all, as plumbing issues are often excluded from business insurance policies. Often, insurance considers commercial plumbing problems a matter of normal wear and tear or poor maintenance. 

Other policies may cover the costs for repairing the water damage to your building, but may not cover the costs for your Houston commercial plumber to repair the leak. Some others also will cover both the plumbing repairs and the building repairs for the water damage. 

So, always check with your specific business insurance policy to understand what is and isn’t covered.

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