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Houston Commercial Plumber for Grease Trap Service

Houston Commercial Plumber for Grease Trap Service

commercial kitchen needs Houston commercial plumber to service grease trap
A Houston commercial plumber can help keep your restaurant’s grease trap clean and in good condition.

When was the last time you had a Houston commercial plumber service your grease trap? If you can’t remember or don’t know, then it may be time to schedule service. Grease trap maintenance is essential for keeping your plumbing in good condition and staying on the right side of the law. 

What are Grease Traps?

First, you might be wondering what a grease trap is. Also known as a grease interceptor, these plumbing devices help stop fats, oils, grease, and solids (FOGS) from entering the municipal sewer system. If significant amounts of FOGS end up in the city sewer system, it can overwhelm wastewater treatment plants and cause blockages in both the city plumbing system as well as your facility’s plumbing. Grease traps can help prevent unnecessary Houston commercial plumbing repair for your building as well as for city sewer pipes. 

Regulations require many different types of facilities to install and maintain a grease trap. These facilities are often called “special waste generators,” as they generate waste that can harm city sewer systems. Some examples of facilities that may need a grease trap include:

  • Restaurants
  • Car washes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Automotive shops
  • Laundromats
  • Apartment complexes with 10+ washing machines per section
  • Schools with cafeterias

Grease traps help trap contaminants like FOGS that can’t enter the local sewer system. Because fats, oils, and grease are lighter than water, they float on the top of water. The grease trap uses this to help separate these substances from the water that flows into the sewer. 

Necessary Grease Trap Servicing from a Houston Commercial Plumber

If you have a grease trap in your facility, it’s important to work with your Houston commercial plumber to design a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your grease interceptor. Grease traps must be cleaned out and inspected regularly for best results. In the city of Houston, you must clean out grease traps at least once every 90 days. However, in many cases you may need more frequent grease trap cleaning. This depends on how much grease accumulates in the trap over time. Most experts recommend cleaning the trap once it is ¼ full. 

In some cases, you may have your staff clean out the trap once every week or two and then schedule professional cleaning every 90 days. This can help reduce maintenance costs for your facility. However, keep in mind that large grease traps may require professional cleaning from a certified Houston commercial plumber every single time it’s cleaned. Larger grease traps may require special pumps to remove grease. 

In addition to regular cleaning, it’s also important to inspect the grease trap frequently. This includes inspecting the cover, gasket, bolts, baffles, and other components for damage or signs of wear and tear. Also, keep in mind that eventually you will need to replace grease traps, as they deteriorate over time. 

Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair & Maintenance from AAA Plumbers

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