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Houston Commercial Plumber: Reducing High Water Pressure

Houston Commercial Plumber: Reducing High Water Pressure

faucet with extremely high water pressure causing splash in glass, need a Houston commercial plumber to reduce the water pressure.
Talk to your Houston commercial plumber if it seems like your water pressure is too high in your building.

Your Houston commercial plumber helps you keep your property’s plumbing in good condition. One common issue that many apartment complexes and commercial buildings face is high water pressure. While tenants may not complain about high water pressure the way they do about low water pressure, it’s important to work with your plumber to equalize water pressure to safe levels. In this article, we’ll explain some of the signs you need to lower water pressure for your property and why it’s so essential. 

Signs to Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber for Water Pressure Issues

High water pressure can be difficult to detect. However, there are some things you can watch out for that indicate extremely high water pressure in your plumbing system. If you notice these signs, call your Houston commercial plumbing company for help. 

  • Noticeably High Water Pressure: When you wash your hands, does it feel like there’s a lot of water coming out? Maybe you notice more water in the sink than you expected, or it might even feel slightly painful on your hands. Once it reaches this point, the pressure may be dangerously high, so you’ll need to get your Houston commercial plumber out ASAP. 
  • High Water Bills: The higher the water pressure, the more water you use for any given activity. Whether it’s washing your hands or operating a washing machine, water consumption can skyrocket. This leads not only to high water bills, but also often goes against sustainable goals your organization may have. 
  • Banging Noises from Pipes: If you or your tenants hear banging noises from the pipes (also known as water hammer), this may also be a sign of high water pressure. The extra pressure in your pipes can cause some pretty concerning noises and can also indicate that your pipes are under more stress than they should be. 
  • Leaky Faucets: When water pressure is too high, it can put too much strain on your plumbing fixtures. In these cases, it can make your fixtures leak because there’s a lot more water trying to force its way out of the pipes. 
  • Damaged Appliances: If you have damaged appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and other water-using machines, then there may be many causes. However, if it happens for seemingly no reason, it might be an issue with the water pressure. 

Why Get Plumbing Services for High Water Pressure

So, why is it important to get Houston multi-family commercial plumbing services for high water pressure in your property? There are many reasons, some of which we’ve briefly mentioned. First, it increases water consumption, which is wasteful and can drive costs up for you and your tenants. Also, high water pressure can damage many different components of your plumbing, including pipes, fixtures, and appliances. 

Generally, you want water pressure to be in the ideal range of 40 to 60 psi. The maximum recommended water pressure is typically 80 psi, with many building codes making that the maximum water pressure allowed in a building. Yet, sometimes city water supplies have much higher pressures. If you think you have too high water pressure in your building, call your Houston commercial plumber for help. We can test the pressure and identify the cause. 

In some cases, you may lack a pressure reducing valve (PRV) for your property. If this is the case, then your plumber can install one to prevent dangerously high water pressure in your plumbing system. Sometimes, it may simply need to be adjusted to the right setting. However, in other cases there may be something wrong with the PRV, which necessitates repair or replacement. Our expert plumbers can check the status of your PRV and provide the necessary services to keep water pressure under control.

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