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Houston Commercial Plumber for Urinal Problems

Houston Commercial Plumber for Urinal Problems

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Need urinal repair? Call your Houston commercial plumber!

Urinals are common in many commercial restrooms, but what happens when they start to malfunction? Your Houston commercial plumber is here to help when your building’s urinals need repair. When they start to break down, urinals can cause major messes and odors that can negatively affect your business. Therefore, it’s important to call your Houston commercial plumber straight away for urinal issues like clogs, leaks, and slow-moving drains.

What Causes Urinal Leaks and Slow-Moving Drains?

There are a few common reasons you may need Houston commercial plumbing repair for urinals. Clogs are generally the source of urinal leaks and slow-moving drains. We commonly see clogs caused by foreign objects like chewing gum, hair, paper, and other types of materials that get thrown down urinals. The other most common cause of urinal leaks and slow-moving drains is uric scale in your urinal’s plumbing. Uric scale is a buildup of uric salt crystals, uric acids, and calcium. Over time, this accumulates in the drains of your urinals. Slow-moving drains in your urinals are generally the first sign that you have uric scale build up. However, without repair, urinals may start to leak.

While clogs are one of the most common reasons for urinal leaks and slow-moving drains, they aren’t always the culprit. Urinals use small openings, which means they can only handle a certain amount of water at a time. Too much water from flushing or excessively high water pressure can lead to leaks from the urinal basin if the water starts to accumulate. Diagnosing the cause of urinal issues like leaks is the only way to repair the problem. Therefore, you’ll likely need the help of your Houston commercial plumber for commercial urinal issues.

Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber for Urinal Repair

When you have leaks and slow-moving drains in your urinals, your Houston commercial plumber knows the right steps to take to prevent negative effects like water damage, odors, and other unpleasant consequences of urinal problems. Depending on what’s causing the leak or slow-moving drain, your Houston commercial plumber will need to perform different services to fix the problem. If objects are causing a clog, your plumber will need to snake the drain and remove the item from your drain.

For uric scale, however, we’ll use drain chemicals to de-scale your urinal plumbing. These chemicals are specially formulated to remove uric sediment that builds up over time in your drain pipes. Our specialists will choose the right chemicals to remove uric buildup without harming your plumbing.

If your urinals are leaking from excess water, this may be a larger problem in your plumbing system. Once repaired, your urinals should stop leaking and go back to normal. Therefore, if you have urinals in your building that aren’t working properly, be sure to call your Houston commercial plumber for the right plumbing solutions for your business.

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