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Call a Houston Commercial Plumbing Company About Dry P Traps

Call a Houston Commercial Plumbing Company About Dry P Traps

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If your building smells like sewer gas, you may have a problem with your P traps. In some cases, you may need help from a reputable Houston commercial plumbing company to fix your P traps and get rid of the smell.

Dry P traps are the leading cause of sewer gas in commercial and multi-family buildings. P traps can dry out when not in use and leave you dealing with an unpleasant aroma. Generally, this is an easy fix. However, in some cases, you will need to call your Houston commercial plumbing company for help. Learn more about what your P traps do and when you should schedule Houston commercial plumbing repair for dry P traps.

What is a P Trap?

If you look underneath your plumbing fixtures and drains, you’ll notice an exposed bit of curved pipe. This is the P trap. While it may not look like much, it does some important jobs for your plumbing. The design of your P trap uses gravity to solve two problems. First, it prevents clogs from going deeper down into your plumbing where they are harder to fix. Generally, large clogs will stop in the P trap, rather than travelling down to your drainage or sewer systems. Additionally, it traps water in the curved area to act as a plug against sewer gas. Therefore, it’s vital to call your Houston multi-family commercial plumbing company about P trap problems. Usually, P trap issues are easily fixable. However, other times you’ll need a plumber to repair or replace your P trap.

When to Call Your Houston Commercial Plumbing Company about Dry P Traps?

Oftentimes, if you have a clog stuck in your P trap, you’ll need to call your Houston commercial plumbing company. Your plumber can snake your drain to remove the clog. It’s important not to use chemical drain cleaners, as they can damage your plumbing and cause additional stress on your pipes. In addition, to keep your P traps working properly, you should schedule regular drain cleaning appointments with your Houston commercial plumbing company to prevent frequent clogs and repair.

Especially in unused areas, your P traps can dry out and allow sewer gas to flow up through your drain. This can lead to your building smelling like rotten eggs and fecal matter. Generally, if you’re able to find the culprit, you can fix this problem by running water down the drain to replace the water “plug” in the P trap. However, dry P traps in well-used areas may be a sign of a bigger problem that may require Houston commercial plumbing repair. While disuse can lead to dry P traps over a long period of time, your P trap could also be leaking or have a clog of hair or fibers that are draining the water away. Therefore, if running water through your P trap doesn’t solve the problem, it’s likely time to call your Houston commercial plumbing company for assistance.

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