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Houston Commercial Plumbing Company: Fix Leaky Fixtures ASAP

Houston Commercial Plumbing Company: Fix Leaky Fixtures ASAP

A lot of property owners only call their Houston commercial plumbing company when something is wrong, like a burst pipe or clogged drain. However, regular maintenance and inspections is a great way to help avoid the costs of emergency plumbing services. One thing you can do to help save money in your building or apartment community is to address leaky fixtures immediately. If you hear a drip, drip, drip, you’re losing money on your water bill.

leaky faucet
Dripping faucets and fixtures can waste water and money!

Why Have Your Houston Commercial Plumbing Company Check for Leaky Fixtures?

What’s the big deal about leaky faucets, shower heads, and toilets? They’re not causing any water damage! 

While dripping water fixtures might seem like just a mild annoyance, they’re actually probably a bigger problem than you realize. 

Drippy plumbing fixtures might not be causing damage to your property, but they might be causing damage to your budget. Don’t believe us? Here are some quick facts:

  • A faucet dripping one drop of water per second can waste up to 250 gallons a month
  • Running toilets can waste anywhere from 30 to 4,000 gallons of water a day

This waste gets reflected on your water bills! Don’t pay for water you’re not actually using. Instead, your Houston commercial plumber can identify and fix leaks to help save water consumption and money. 

Unfortunately, many people ignore dripping plumbing fixtures because they don’t realize how big of an issue they really are. What’s more, these small leaks are often fairly easy to stop. 

Wasted Water & Money is Often a Quick Fix

We understand that the cost of Houston commercial plumbing repair may make you hesitate to call for a dripping faucet or two. However, in many cases, these small leaks are a quick and simple fix that can save you money each month. 

You might worry that if the faucets in your building are leaking that you’ll need to replace them. This often isn’t the case! 

dismantled faucet for repair from Houston commercial plumbing company
In many cases, all your Houston plumbing company needs to do to fix leaky fixtures is replace a small O-ring or other part!

Some of the most common reasons faucets and showerheads leak is due to worn out rubber pieces like gaskets, washers, and O-rings. Often, the only thing needed to stop leaky, dripping fixtures is to have your Houston commercial plumbing company replace these parts for a better seal. 

Even leaking toilets, which can waste extraordinary amounts of water are often a fairly simple fix. In many cases, it’s because of a worn or faulty flapper. This means water is constantly leaking into the bowl. Once again, this is a pretty straightforward repair that can help save you money on your commercial water bills without changing any water consumption behaviors! So, if you’ve noticed leaky plumbing fixtures in your building, have an experienced commercial plumbing specialist come out to address the problem. 

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