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Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair: Avoid Drain Cleaners!

Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair: Avoid Drain Cleaners!

clogged drain needs Houston commercial plumbing repair
Choose professional Houston commercial plumbing repair for clogged drains instead of having maintenance use chemical drain cleaners.

When a tenant complains about a clogged drain, do you need Houston commercial plumbing repair? Why not just have maintenance use some drain cleaner? We’re here to warn property managers against the use of liquid drain cleaners and what to do instead. 

Why Choose Professional Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair for Clogged Pipes?

When you get a maintenance request for a blocked drain, it’s tempting to send a maintenance tech with a little drain cleaner to fix the problem. However, for seriously blocked drains, you should probably call your Houston commercial plumber. Many property managers think this seems like overkill, but it’s essential to properly fix the clog and also address the root cause of the problem. Chemical drain cleaners like the ones you can find in your local supermarket can actually hold many dangers. 

Dangers of Using Liquid Drain Cleaners in Your Property’s Plumbing

If you can find it at the grocery store, surely it can’t be bad, right? Well, drain cleaners actually hold many unknown dangers. That’s why we recommend removing drain cleaner use from your maintenance practices for your multifamily or commercial building. 

Drain cleaners use harsh chemicals to dissolve fats that may cause clogs. However, many clogs aren’t actually due to fats and oils. Drain cleaners generally don’t work on drain clogs from hair or other debris, which are commonly the cause of drain blockages. 

Also, the harsh chemicals in drain cleaners can actually damage your plumbing. The strong chemicals in drain cleaners can actually warp or even corrode drain pipes. Therefore, using drain cleaners frequently can end in Houston commercial plumbing repair to replace damaged pipes. 

In addition, most liquid drain cleaners use chemicals like lye and bleach that can be harmful for health. On contact, these chemicals can actually burn or cause irritation to areas like the skin and eyes. However, even just the fumes from the drain cleaner can irritate the respiratory system not only for your maintenance technicians, but your tenants. Therefore, we recommend using methods other than drain cleaners to address drain clogs. 

Better Alternatives to Drain Cleaner Chemicals

So, you have a clog in the building, but you don’t necessarily want to call your Houston commercial plumbing company just yet. What are you to do? There are a few things your maintenance technicians can do to try to clear the clog without drain cleaner. 

One of the first things your maintenance team can do is use a plunger to try to break up the clog. If you have a drain snake, also known as a drain auger, your technicians can also try this to address clogs deeper in the plumbing system. 

However, if your efforts don’t affect the blocked drain, it’s time to call professionals for Houston commercial plumbing repair. Drain cleaning through hydrojetting should clear the clog and get you back to normal.

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