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Who Pays for Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair in Condos?

Who Pays for Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair in Condos?

Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair - AAA Plumbers
You need Houston commercial plumbing repair for condominium plumbing issues.

Plumbing systems in condos are generally much more complex than those in single-family homes. This is why they are generally considered commercial plumbing systems. They typically require specialized Houston commercial plumbing repair. Condo plumbing uses individual unit water supply and drain lines as well as shared lines between units. This can often create confusion about who pays for maintenance and repairs. Each condo is different, but it’s important to understand when the HOA is responsible for plumbing systems and when unit owners are responsible for Houston commercial plumbing repair. 

Who is Responsible for Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair in Condos?

Responsibility for condo plumbing is generally split between the homeowner’s association and the condo owner. Plumbing issues in condos can lead to water damage and plumbing problems in more than one unit. This is why you should call your Houston commercial plumbing company as soon as you notice signs of plumbing damage. Also, it’s important to understand what CC&Rs say about who is responsible for maintenance and repair of condo plumbing systems.

Common Area Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

Generally, the HOA maintains common areas. This means that the HOA likely handles plumbing issues in lobbies, communal gyms, and other similar areas. For example, if a toilet clogs in the gym, the HOA is usually responsible for Houston commercial plumbing repair. Many condominiums also consider shared drain and water supply lines as common spaces as well.

However, in some cases, your association may not be responsible for the costs of condominium plumbing repair. If someone’s negligent actions caused the problem, then that person may be responsible for the repair costs if you have a negligence clause in the CC&Rs. For instance, say one unit owner continually flushes dental floss down their toilet which results in a clog in the shared drain. Though the clog is in the shared drain, that person’s neglect caused it. This means they may be responsible for paying for repairs.

Unit Plumbing Repair

In other cases, the condo owner will be responsible for Houston commercial plumbing repair. Most condo documents state that the unit owner must handle maintenance and repairs for everything between their unit and the shared line. For example, unit fixtures and lines that supply only their unit from the shared lines often fall under this category. Also, in some cases, unit-to-unit problems may be one condo owner’s responsibility. One example is if someone floods their unit and the unit below experiences water damage. Many condominium bylaws define this as a unit-to-unit issue. Often, the owners must work out the issue between themselves. However, once again, this all depends on what the condo documents say. 

Keep Up with Maintenance to Prevent Condo Plumbing Damage

Your Houston commercial plumber can help keep your condo plumbing in great condition, whether you are an HOA or a condo unit owner. We offer preventative maintenance for condo plumbing to help prevent damage and expensive repairs.

At AAA Plumbing, we specialize in commercial plumbing services for multifamily housing. Our team offers 24/7 emergency services as well as expert plumbing maintenance. When you need a plumber for your commercial building, call our specialists for high quality repair or service. Call us today at (713) 462-4753 to request service. We are here to serve you!