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How Long do Landlords Have to Fix Plumbing Issues?

How Long do Landlords Have to Fix Plumbing Issues?

Houston commercial plumbing company fixing pipes
Your Houston commercial plumbing company can help fix plumbing issues in your multifamily property.

Your tenant requests a plumbing repair. How long until you need to have your Houston commercial plumbing company there for a service call? Many landlords and property managers wonder this. For instance, do you need to get a plumber out as soon as possible, or can you wait until Monday morning? In this article, we’ll discuss how long landlords have to repair plumbing issues. We’ll also detail why plumbing maintenance is so important for your rental property.

How Long Until I Need to Call a Houston Commercial Plumbing Company when a Tenant Requests Repairs?

If a tenant requests plumbing repairs, it’s best to have an experienced Houston commercial plumbing company service your plumbing. Handymen and maintenance teams are incredibly valuable members of your team, but they shouldn’t handle plumbing. These professionals aren’t qualified or licensed to handle plumbing services. Instead, you need a commercial plumber for the job. If your tenant is complaining about plumbing issues, you might wonder how long you have to get an experienced plumber on site.

In most cases, Texas law requires landlords to complete repairs within seven days after the tenant requests them. So, if your tenant mentions a leaky faucet, then you have a week to get Houston commercial plumbing repair for it. However, keep in mind that major plumbing issues may not qualify for the seven day grace period. For example, if water isn’t running to the unit, sewage backs up, or they aren’t getting any hot water, these all affect the habitability of the property. In these cases, you must fix them immediately.

Failing to make repairs within the allowed time period can have many consequences. Tenants can legally terminate their lease if you don’t repair plumbing issues in a timely manner. They can also make repairs and deduct the costs from rent, report you to housing authorities, or even sue you for damages. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a 24/7 Houston commercial plumbing company you can call at a moment’s notice.

Avoiding Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair with Preventative Maintenance

It’s also important to note that landlords must keep the plumbing system in good condition. This means you may be liable for any damages from issues caused by negligence. For instance, if you skipped regular maintenance and inspections, this might be considered negligence. If there’s a burst pipe, you may be on the line for all the costs for damages, including the tenant’s. Renters insurance often doesn’t cover damages from landlord negligence. Tenants may come to you to pay for damaged belongings.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have your Houston commercial plumber perform regular inspections and maintenance to keep your property’s plumbing in good condition. This can help you avoid liabilities and also reduce plumbing repair requests from your tenants. 

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