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Maintaining Healthcare Facility Plumbing Systems

Maintaining Healthcare Facility Plumbing Systems

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Your healthcare facility’s operations save lives. To keep your efforts going strong, talk to your Houston commercial plumbing company about preventative maintenance.

Every year in the United States, nearly 2 million patients acquire infections in hospitals, resulting in thousands of deaths and $4.5 to $11 billion in costs. Therefore, it’s important to work with your Houston commercial plumbing company to reduce hazards from your healthcare facility’s plumbing systems. Poorly maintained healthcare plumbing can hold dangerous bacteria which can harm patients and medical professionals. Schedule regular maintenance with your Houston commercial plumbing company to protect patients, staff, and visitors inside your healthcare facility.

Healthcare Plumbing Dangers

Plumbing systems in healthcare facilities require heavy use to help treat sick patients. However, they can also contain significant dangers. Pathogens can hide in healthcare plumbing pipes. Therefore, patients and staff can get infections from water that splashes back from plumbing systems. For this reason, it’s vital to schedule regular healthcare plumbing maintenance services from your Houston commercial plumbing company. Multi-drug resistant organisms can stick to healthcare pipes and form biofilms. These biofilms can be difficult or nearly impossible to remove completely. Organisms in biofilms can cause serious, hard-to-treat infections for patients and medical staff.

In addition to these frightening risks, unmaintained plumbing can result in interruption of service for your healthcare facility. Water is vital for treating sick patients and preventing the spread of disease. Even a short disruption in water flow can significantly impact your healthcare facility. Plumbing issues can prevent doctors from helping patients. Additionally, they can increase the risk of infections and diseases spreading to medical staff, visitors, or other patients. Therefore, it’s important to keep up on predictive and preventative plumbing maintenance. Because there are unique challenges to maintaining healthcare plumbing, work with a Houston commercial plumber who has experience working with healthcare plumbing systems.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance from Your Houston Commercial Plumbing Company

For the best outcomes, it’s important to regularly service your healthcare plumbing. Your Houston commercial plumbing company can work with you to determine an appropriate maintenance and replacement schedule to prevent issues that can cause harm to your patients and medical staff. This may include regular drain cleaning to help remove bacterial buildup, pump vibration analysis to catch issues before a breakdown occurs, and removing “dead ends” which can collect stagnant water.

To determine your healthcare plumbing’s needs, consider the age of the system and its design. For example, older fixtures may be more likely to cause splashing from inside the pipes, which, as we know, can lead to dangerous infections. Therefore, your Houston commercial plumber may recommend replacement fixtures to prevent splashing.

Work With an Experienced Houston Commercial Plumber

It’s also important to note that you should work with a Houston commercial plumbing company with experience in healthcare plumbing systems. Plumbing in healthcare facilities often require specialized equipment and maintenance procedures. For example, reverse osmosis systems for dialysis machines, water purification for sterilizer systems, and backflow prevention for labs all need highly skilled care to prevent issues for medical staff and patients.

At AAA Plumbers, we have extensive background working with healthcare facility plumbing systems. As a leading Houston commercial plumbing repair company, we help you provide the best possible environments for healthcare facility. We have over 30 years of experience providing comprehensive commercial plumbing services in the Houston metropolitan area. Call us today at (713) 462-4753 to schedule an appointment or request 24/7 emergency service. At AAA Plumbers, we are here to help you.