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Plumbing Fixtures for Lower Operation Costs

Plumbing Fixtures for Lower Operation Costs

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Ask your Houston commercial plumbing company about water-saving fixtures for your apartment complex.

Did you know your Houston commercial plumbing company can help save your multifamily property money? Newer plumbing fixtures help reduce water waste, which can decrease water and sewage utility bills and even help increase rent and occupancy rates. For an easy face-lift and great savings on operations costs, updating fixtures in apartments and common areas may be just the ticket to help boost profitability for your property. 

Talk to Your Houston Commercial Plumbing Company about Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

There are several different fixtures you can replace to help improve water savings, so talk to your Houston commercial plumbing company about what will work best for your community. Generally, you can tackle shower heads and faucets easily and without significant investment. Upgrading to more efficient toilets can also help reduce costs for water. 

When it comes to faucets and shower heads, there are two main types that help reduce water consumption: aerators or laminar-flow. There are pros and cons to each, so ask your Houston commercial plumber about what will be best for your residents. Typically any fixture that uses 2.5 gallons per minute or less is a great option for water savings in apartment communities

Aerator plumbing fixtures mix air with water to reduce how much water runs. However, something that your residents will appreciate is that they offer consistent water flow and pressure. One of the downsides is that the air can reduce the water temperature as it flows. 

Laminar-flow faucets and shower heads are another efficient fixture. While they do tend to be more expensive, they offer some pretty great benefits. They work by changing the shape of the water stream to use less water without sacrificing pressure. They can also help reduce steam and moisture, which is great for the humid climate of Houston. 

Your Houston commercial plumbing company also recommends upgrading to more efficient toilets if you can. Older toilets can waste anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons of water every flush. This can add up to major costs on utility bills. Low-flow toilets can help save a lot of water, especially dual-flush options. 

Why Make Water Conservation a Priority At Your Multifamily Property?

So, why should you consider installing low-flow plumbing fixtures in multifamily units? It makes sense for a lot of reasons, particularly financially. Water and sewage costs have been going up in recent years, and that’s unlikely to change. Therefore, saving water can translate to savings. 

You might be thinking “the tenants pay the water bill, so why should I care?” However, prioritizing water consumption can still improve profitability for your property. Today, renters are increasingly environmentally-conscious. They like living in communities with clear sustainability goals. Therefore, you may notice better occupancy rates after prioritizing water conservation. Also, the savings you’re passing on to your tenants may also mean you can charge more in rent each month. The key to translating low-flow fixtures into additional income is tenant education about the benefits of the new fixtures. 

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