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What Happens When Tenants Pour Grease Down Apartment Sinks

What Happens When Tenants Pour Grease Down Apartment Sinks

apartment sink needing Houston Multi-Family Commercial Plumbing Services
Grease buildup can clog drains in multiple apartment units, requiring prompt services from multi-family commercial plumbing in Houston.

For apartment property managers, keeping the plumbing in your units running smoothly can be a full-time job. Unfortunately, tenants often don’t understand or don’t care about what not to put down their kitchen sink. Grease is one of the most common culprits when clogged drains become an issue, requiring you to call in Houston multi-family commercial plumbing services.

Thankfully, our multi-family commercial plumbing services are available in Houston 24 hours a day for prompt and efficient solutions to all plumbing problems. No matter how significant the issue is, our round-the-clock availability and swift action can provide peace of mind for property managers dealing with plumbing headaches in their buildings. Contact our team at AAA Plumbers for all your apartment plumbing needs.

Fats and Oils Build Up Inside Pipes and Cause Clogs

For many apartment tenants, pouring grease down the drain may seem like a quick and easy way to dispose of unwanted kitchen waste, but it can cause serious problems in an apartment’s plumbing system. Over time, due to the accumulation of grease, oil, and other substances, a sticky residue can gradually build up inside pipes. This buildup can lead to blockages and clogs, causing inconvenience and potentially costly repairs.

Types of solidifying fats, grease, and oils that should not be poured down the drain include:

  • Cooked/melted fat from meat
  • Poultry skin and meat trimmings
  • Cooking oils: vegetable, canola, olive, or corn oil
  • Shortening, lard, or butter
  • Melted cheeses
  • Gravy
  • Peanut butter
  • Salad dressing
  • Mayonnaise

Clogged Drains Are One of the Most Common Apartment Plumbing Issues

Clogged drains can escalate from an annoyance to a major headache for apartment dwellers. Because the plumbing in each unit is connected to the same overall system, a single clog from one apartment can be the cause of multiple sinks backing up in a multi-unit building. Even worse, if pipes become fully blocked, significant backups can occur, and lower-level apartments could find themselves dealing with the nightmare of a flooded unit. This leads to complicated insurance and liability issues for both the tenant and the building owner.

Houston’s multi-family commercial plumbing services are a reliable solution for preventing drain issues from escalating in apartment buildings. These services provide essential protection for tenants and building owners, avoiding costly and stressful plumbing troubles.

Regular maintenance checks quickly identify early warning signs of pipe blockages, with timely interventions that keep blockages and backups at bay. Plus, when a critical plumbing blockage situation arises, highly trained plumbers can quickly remove all accumulated fats, grease, and oils from pipes to get pipes flowing efficiently again.

Provide Alternate Grease Disposal Methods for Tenants

As a property manager, one of your responsibilities is to educate tenants on proper disposal techniques, particularly when it comes to grease and oil. Most people are not aware of how risky they can be to the overall plumbing system in an apartment building, and how other tenants’ actions can directly impact them in their unit.

It’s important to provide tenants with clear guidelines on how to dispose of these substances safely and responsibly. You could also consider offering grease bins or installing grease traps in the building to make it more convenient for tenants.

Your Multi-Family Commercial Plumbing Services Partner in Houston

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