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School Facilities & Your Houston Commercial Plumber

School Facilities & Your Houston Commercial Plumber

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Talk to your Houston commercial plumber about how you can prevent costly plumbing repairs for your school building.

No matter how much you invest in teachers, computers, and state-of-the-art equipment, schools can’t function properly without well maintained plumbing systems. Unfortunately, your Houston commercial plumber sees school buildings every year whose plumbing is in severe disrepair. This can lead to costly Houston commercial plumbing repair that could have been prevented by scheduling regular maintenance. Therefore, be sure to talk to your Houston commercial plumber about the maintenance services you need. This will help keep your school in tip top shape so you can focus on what matters most – educating the future generations.

The Problem with “Breakdown Maintenance” Policies

Many schools today adopt a policy of only investing in “breakdown maintenance,” or emergency repairs. Basically, instead of getting regular plumbing service, many schools are opting to wait. This means they ignore issues until they become severe enough to interrupt day-to-day operations. While it may seem like a great money-saving tactic, it’s much more cost-effective to schedule regular appointments with your Houston commercial plumber.

With scheduled maintenance, your plumber can find minor issues and repair them before they wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Regular maintenance means small leaks often don’t turn into major flooding that closes your school. Additionally, as damage accumulates in ignored plumbing systems, the cost of Houston commercial plumbing repair goes up. Preventative maintenance costs a little bit throughout the year. However, emergency plumbing repairs for your school typically require larger up-front costs due to extensive damage.

Talk to Your Houston Commercial Plumber About a Maintenance Program for Your School Building

Your Houston commercial plumber can help you come up with a maintenance program that makes sense for your school. Some of the areas that most likely need preventative plumbing maintenance in your school are sprinkler systems, water fountains, sump pumps, lift pumps, steam traps, expansion joints, and drains. So, with the right schedule throughout the year, you can rest knowing that your plumbing systems are taken care of and won’t lead to major disruptions for your school.

Another thing to think about is how old your school building is. The older your building is, the more plumbing maintenance it may need. Talk to your Houston commercial plumber about how old your facilities are and what kind of maintenance you may need. For example, older buildings may have pipes made of materials that are prone to corrosion and rust. This can lead to leaks, breaks, and even clogs from rust. Therefore, be sure to have a comprehensive discussion about the best way to maintain your school’s plumbing.

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