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When You Need Emergency Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

When You Need Emergency Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

Plumber performing Houston commercial plumbing repair service for leaking plumbing
Make sure you know when to call for emergency Houston commercial plumbing repair to avoid major property damage.

In most cases, it’s better to plan for plumbing services and schedule them accordingly, but sometimes you may run into emergencies that require Houston commercial plumbing repair immediately. It’s important for property managers to know when plumbing issues are emergencies so they can call our plumbers right away for help. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most common plumbing emergencies in commercial buildings. 

Situations Where You Need Emergency Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

There are many commercial plumbing emergencies you might run into. Any time there’s a risk for significant damage or health concerns, then it’s time to call your Houston commercial plumber, whether day or night. Some common reasons you might need an emergency commercial plumber include overflowing toilets, sewer clogs, and burst pipes. 

Overflowing Toilets Need Fast Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair

Overflowing toilets are unfortunately pretty common in commercial buildings and apartment complexes. This happens when the toilet drain is clogged but water keeps flowing into it. The result is that it can overflow and leak water all over the place. This also means that it puts your building at risk for water damage and, because it’s toilet water, can also contaminate surfaces with germs that can make people sick. 

If you have an overflowing toilet in your property, don’t try to flush it again. This only sends more water into the toilet bowl. Instead, turn off the water at the valve near the toilet and call for Houston commercial plumbing repair. Afterwards, you will also need to take precautions to clean up the water and germs so ensure your building and its occupants are safe.

Call Your Houston Commercial Plumber for Sewage Blockages

Sewer clogs are also a time when you need to call your Houston commercial plumbing company ASAP. This is where the main sewer line running from your property to the municipal sewer line gets clogged. It can affect every single drain line in your building and may even cause raw sewage to back up from the drains. This black water contains harmful germs, parasites, and gasses and can cause significant damage to your property. If this happens, shut off the water main for the property and call our team to remove the clog from the sewer line. 

Burst Pipes Need Immediate Attention

Burst pipes are also a common issue that require immediate Houston commercial plumbing repair. When a pipe bursts, it is usually still under pressure from the water supply and can release gallons of water per minute that can cause major structural damages to your building. The first step to take with a burst pipe is to turn off the water main to the building and then call your Houston commercial plumber immediately for help. While you wait, you can work toward cleaning up some of the excess water to prevent further water damage in your building.

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