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Houston Commercial Plumbing Company: Water Heater Repairs

Houston Commercial Plumbing Company: Water Heater Repairs

Running a multi-family complex comes with many challenges, but the plumbing shouldn’t be one of them. It’s important to have a good quality Houston commercial plumbing company you can rely on for regular maintenance and also call at the drop of the hat for plumbing emergencies. One common issue that requires immediate action from our trusted plumbers is water heater failure. Here are some things to know about water heater repairs in multi-family buildings. 

Why Call Your Houston Commercial Plumbing Company for Water Heater Complaints?

shower head providing cold water because property needs Houston commercial plumbing company to fix water heaters
Tenants complaining about cold showers and other water heater issues? Call your Houston commercial plumbing company!

If your tenants are complaining about no hot water in their apartments, it’s time to call your Houston commercial plumbing company. There are many reasons to call for repairs immediately for water heater issues. First, obviously water heater issues can cause some serious dissatisfaction among your tenants. If you’ve ever had to take a cold shower because of water heater issues, you probably understand. It’s incredibly frustrating and can just ruin your day when you’re forced to use cold water for your morning routine. 

In addition, access to hot water is essential for habitability. Texas law requires that landlords must provide hot water to their tenants for health and safety. After all, hot water isn’t just nice to have for a long, luxurious shower at the end of a hard day. It’s essential for hygiene, handwashing, washing clothing, and washing dishes, among other things. In many cases, tenants can even legally end their lease if you ignore water heater issues. Therefore, it’s essential to call your Houston commercial plumber at the first sign of trouble. 

Common Commercial Water Heater Issues

There are any number of things that can go wrong for your multi-family water heaters. For example, if apartments share water heaters and both units complain they frequently run out of hot water, it could be a capacity issue. In these cases, it’s best to replace the unit with a higher capacity water heater. Better yet, consider separating the hot water supply and getting dedicated water heaters for each apartment. 

However, in most cases you’re dealing with some type of damage or deterioration. On average, water heaters only last between ten and fifteen years. Over time, they will start to wear out and need repair or replacement. In many cases, it’s due to something wrong with the water heater tank. For instance, sediment buildup or corrosion in the tank. Often, a damaged or worn out thermostat may be to blame for little or no hot water in your apartment complex. Our team can identify the source of the problem and develop an action plan to remedy the issue. 

Water Heater Maintenance from Your Houston Commercial Plumber

Regular maintenance from your Houston commercial plumbing company can help your multi-family water heaters in many ways. Routine maintenance, such as inspection and tank flushing, are essential for keeping water heaters efficient. Maintenance also helps lengthen the life of your property’s water heaters to reduce repair and replacement costs. Get in touch with our experts to design a multi-family plumbing maintenance program that suits your needs and budget. 

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