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Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair for Sewage Backup

Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair for Sewage Backup

AAA Plumber providing Houston commercial plumbing repair for a sewer line
You need immediate Houston commercial plumbing repair for sewage backup.

Sewage backups are a serious concern for apartment complexes. They can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time and also create health and safety hazards for your tenants. If you notice signs of sewage backups in the property you manage, it’s critical go call us for emergency Houston commercial plumbing repair.

Houston Commercial Plumbing Repairs for Sewage Backup in Your Apartment Building

There are many reasons why sewage may back up in your multifamily property. Any issues with the main sewer lines can create blockages that lead to raw sewage accumulating and eventually coming back up the drains and other plumbing fixtures in your property. 

When sewage backs up, there are several risks. One is property damage from the water and sewage. In addition, it may expose your tenants to harmful contaminants. Therefore, it’s important to call a Houston commercial plumber right away for sewer backups. 

Sewage backup is frequently due to clogs in the main sewer line. It commonly occurs when tenants send things like fats, oils, and solids down the drain. Eventually, they build up in the sewer and can cause sewage backup for all of your units. Other issues that may cause sewage backup in your commercial property include sewer line breaks and root intrusion in the sewer line.

Some early signs of impending sewage backup include:

  • Slow moving drains throughout the building
  • Foul odors throughout the building
  • Gurgling toilets in the building

Unlike drain clogs, sewer main clogs typically cause issues for the entire building. This is because a drain is responsible for waste from an individual or small group of plumbing fixtures, like a bathtub or sink. By contrast, the sewer lines service the entire building, eventually leading to the city line for wastewater treatment. Any time you notice issues throughout your apartment building, it’s important to give us a call for immediate Houston commercial plumbing repair. 

How Your Houston Commercial Plumber Helps You Prevent Sewer Clogs

While we can help with the Houston commercial plumbing repair services you need for sewage backups, it’s generally better to prevent them in the first place. Regular maintenance from your trusted Houston commercial plumbing company can help you avoid issues with the sewers for your apartment buildings. 

Getting annual sewer cleanout and camera inspections can go a long way in preventing sewer line clogs and breaks. Regular cleaning helps prevent buildup that can lead to a blockage in the sewer line. Camera inspections can help identify clogs, cracks, breaks, and other issues that otherwise may go unnoticed until you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency. Our experts can help you determine what maintenance services and intervals you need for your commercial building. 

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