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Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair: Sewer Leaks

Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair: Sewer Leaks

Houston commercial plumbing repair for sewer
It’s important to get Houston commercial plumbing repair for damaged sewer lines ASAP.

If you think you have a leak in your property’s sewer line, you need Houston commercial plumbing repair as soon as possible. Sewer leaks are no joke and can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. In this article, we’ll discuss some signs to look for, how commercial sewer repair works, and some prevention tips. 

What to Know About Houston Commercial Plumbing Repair for Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are what connect the drain lines in your building to the city’s main line. The sewage that flows through the municipal line typically ends up at a wastewater treatment plant for treatment to make it safe to enter the environment again. Generally, commercial sewer lines will be located underneath the foundation slab of your building and extend through your property before meeting the nearest city line, usually underneath the street. 

It’s important to call your Houston plumbing company if you think you might have a sewer line leak. Leaks in your property’s sewer line can cause an incredible amount of property damage. It can also be harmful for the environment, even causing pollution to nearby water sources. Waiting to address sewer leaks can lead to foundation cracks, indentations in grounds and greenspace, and other serious problems for your property. 

Some signs to look out for that you may have a commercial sewer leak include:

  • Foul odors in your building or on your property
  • Soggy grass on your property
  • Cracked or sinking concrete slabs or foundations
  • Pest infestations

Sewer leaks are typically due to holes or cracks in the pipes. Some common causes include corrosion, normal wear and tear, or even trauma, such as from digging or from tree roots growing into the pipe. 

Houston commercial plumbing repair services for sewer leaks typically involve replacing the affected pipes. In most cases, this means accessing the damaged lines, often by digging trenches into the ground. Commercial sewer line repair is often a major project and can be costly, so it’s important to prevent problems as much as possible. 

Preventing Sewer Line Damage

All sewer lines will begin to break down over time. However, there are many preventative maintenance measures you can take to help ensure you don’t need premature sewer replacement at your commercial or multi-family property. One simple way to monitor and maintain the condition of your property’s sewer lines is to schedule regular inspections. Schedule inspections at least once a year. This can also be a great time to have the drains and sewer lines cleaned, such as with hydrojetting. 

In addition, it helps to keep landscaping in mind. It’s incredibly common for tree roots to interfere with and eventually damage sewer lines running under ground. Trees naturally seek moisture and nutrients that help them grow, and sewer lines have both. In many cases, sewer leaks are caused by tree roots wrapping around the pipe and putting pressure on the pipe before it finally cracks or collapses. So, try to keep landscaping elements away from sewer lines as much as possible. 

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