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The Right Water Heater Temperature Setting for Your Business

The Right Water Heater Temperature Setting for Your Business

The right temperature at which to set your water heater thermostat is a matter of some disagreement among government agencies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends setting your water heater to a balmy 120 degrees Fahrenheit. For certain applications, however, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration suggests a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the spread of certain diseases. Consulting with your Houston commercial plumbing company can provide you with expert guidance on water heater settings for your business needs.

Consider the Application

When setting the temperature for your water heater, consider the ways in which you will use hot water in your commercial facility. If laundry and dishwashing are key elements of your business operations, then setting the water temperature up to 140 degrees or even 160 degrees Fahrenheit could be a solid step toward cleaning these items effectively. Temperatures at or under 120 degrees Fahrenheit are better for buildings that serve elderly people, children or others who could be easily scalded by water that is too hot.

Try a Happy Medium

If you cannot decide between 140 degrees or 120 degrees Fahrenheit, splitting the difference at 130 degrees can kill off most germs while reducing the risk of scalding and saving you money on utility bills. Your Houston commercial plumber can provide you with advice and guidance on how to adjust the thermostat for your electric or gas water heater and can let you know if your current water heater might be on its last legs.

Perform a Balancing Act

Weighing the advantages of hotter water over the risks associated with potential burns from scalding water can help you determine the right temperature for your facility. If your building consistently runs out of hot water, however, turning up the temperature may not help very much. Instead, you may require an upgrade to a larger water heater to serve the expanding needs of tenants, residents and workers in your buildings. A qualified Houston commercial plumbing company can provide you with an expert assessment of your current water heater to determine whether a replacement could save you time and increase satisfaction among your staff members and tenants.

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