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Solar Hot Water for Commercial Buildings

Solar Hot Water for Commercial Buildings

solar water heater installed by Houston commercial plumber
Your Houston commercial plumber can help with solar water heater installation.

Many commercial building owners are looking for ways to save money and also improve sustainability. Water heating accounts for quite a bit of energy use and expenses. A Houston commercial plumber can help you look at your options for reducing water heating costs. One option is a solar hot water system, which uses power from the sun to heat water. 

Your Houston Commercial Plumber Can Help You Decide if Solar Hot Water Systems Are Right For Your Building

Solar hot water systems aren’t for every building. It’s important to make sure that you will receive a good return on investment before installing these systems for your commercial building. Therefore, it’s important to do a cost analysis on how much you can save in energy costs and compare it to the total costs for the solar hot water system. These costs include the price for the equipment, costs to have your Houston commercial plumber install the system, and estimated maintenance and repair costs. 

Also, keep in mind that your building needs access to plenty of sunlight. Fortunately, Houston gets a lot of sunny days each year, but you still need an area for the solar collectors that receives direct sunlight. Most commercial buildings use an unshaded flat roof for this purpose. 

In addition, you will need some space next to your conventional water heater. This allows your Houston commercial plumbing company to install the hot water storage tank for your solar hot water system. This tank holds the water heated by the solar system and also connects to your conventional water heater. 

Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

There are many reasons to install solar hot water systems in your commercial building. One of the first reasons is that it saves energy costs. Water heaters, particularly commercial-grade water heaters, use a lot of energy. This drives operating costs up. Solar hot water systems help pre-heat water to save the amount of energy needed for hot water. In fact, on sunny days solar hot water systems can provide a majority of the hot water needed for the day. 

In addition, solar hot water systems can help you take another step toward your sustainability goals. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and using it doesn’t harm the environment. Reducing how much traditional energy you use by installing a commercial solar hot water system is a more environmentally-friendly way to operate your building and get hot water.

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